Di-Kasal, Ipinakasal Na! DPKK Wedding at the Diocesan Shrine of San Isidro Labrador – Binan

Ang 6 na DPKK Couples


BINAN, LAGUNA | “Di-Kasal, Ipinakasal Na! ”. Finally, after seven years of Dalaw Patron sa Kapitbahayang Katoliko (DPKK, our local name for Basic Ecclesial Communities) initiatives and active pastoral work, there were six unmarried couples of modest means with no legal impediments in our DPKK areas in the Diocesan Shrine and Parish of San Isidro Labrador de Binan who were convinced to tie the knot and pledged before God and man their commitment of faith and love in the sacrament of matrimony along with their children, parents and relatives who brought them to the altar and surrounded them in awe and wonder.


DPKK Kasalan


For all of us present in the wedding, on that sunny day of February 10, 2024, the DPKK wedding was  more than a dream come true.  It was the Glory of God seen after several months of patience, prayers and perseverance, as we worked out the challenges of obtaining documents and affidavits interspersed with  acts of mercy from institutions and friends in order to obtain all the requirements needed for the wedding to take place.  We were truly grateful to the kindness and generosity of Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church)  and National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help (Baclaran Church) for granting our requests through our letters for financial assistance for transportation and documents which range from 10-12 documents per couple depending on the situation of the couples. They were actually 11 couples who expressed their willingness to get married through the DPKK Accompaniment Program we envisioned to be a model for convincing couples to be married.  The next batch of five couples will follow soon in June 2024.


Kasalang DPKK


Some people asked why we offered marriage as a form of service from DPKK when it is fraught with difficulties? Research surveys in 2020 showed 8 out of 10 couples are unmarried nationwide, a statistics so close to our own local surveys in 2017. Perhaps, we were compelled with compassion as we get to know these couples more intimately and found reasons to be disturbed by the dismal performance of Filipino children in worldwide tests in math, science and reading which was validated by our experiences on the ground. Perhaps, we firmly believed that our living God intervenes in families if only they will learn to know Him, pray and love Him.  Perhaps, we believed that the sacraments are the way to evangelize them and bring them to spiritual growth, sanctity and maturity and being materially poor is not the reason not to receive them. Assistance could come from the church community through the bayanihan spirit that is free, voluntary, sincere and communally joyful in action. And, definitely, all of us believed in the salvation of souls which is our missionary goal.



Journeying with them on their path back to the embrace of our Father was a truly moving experience. As they walked through the aisle amidst the flowers thrown on the red carpet accompanied by music from the loft, we felt that there could not be anything more real than this one. They were in union with Our Lord, an inexplicable feeling of peace and joyful jittery was felt by them as if  everything was new  and nothing had come to pass. All the heaviness they felt before marriage was gone. “Magaan ang pakiramdam. Masaya,” said all of them. ( A day before the wedding, they received all the sacraments except the anointing of the sick because all of them are healthy).


Kasalang DPKK


To end this short article, I wish to thank our community, the Chapel presidents and DPKK cluster heads,  Sis. Cathy Saraza, Sis. Beth Asiong, Sis. Beth Marfil, Sis. Cynthia and Faye Cartabio especially Bro. Anthony Bautista, BSMC, Bro. Joseph Glova, BSMC and other BSMCs, Bro. Paul, Bro. Arvin Chumacera and Bro. Manuel, our catechists, Sis. Adeling Azucena and Marlyn Ogoy, friends of DPKK, Kuya Toto  Gunda,  Sis. Wennie Patino, Sis. Aida Corona, the Dela Rosa, Reyes and Ilao families for making this wedding truly a celebration of life through their financial support, flowers, food, gifts, drinks and cakes they prepared for the wedding couples, relatives and friends. Especial thanks goes to our Shrine Rector and Parish Priest, Fr. Edgardo Consignado for the lively and solemn mass he celebrated for them, our two PPC presidents, Bro. Danny Amoranto (past), Bro. Randy Espinosa (new) who assisted in the Mass and gave their words of advice to the couples, to the Young Christian Choir (YCC) led by Sis. Cristina for providing the songs and music during the wedding, to our Mother Butlers (MBG) Sis. Sonia and Sis. Marina, altar boys led by Bro. Brian  and to our Parish Office personnel, Kuya Owie and Ate Melds. Especial thanks too, to our Former DPKK Diocesan Director  Rev. Fr. Boyet Siddayao for our DPKK formation assemblies and trusting us to carry on our DPKK initiatives in our own contexts.

Thank you so much.

May God bless you continuously with good health, peace and joy!

To God is the Glory!

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