Glorious Stained Glass installed at the Shrine

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We, at Lolo Uweng Shrine, are delighted to share the latest milestone in our ongoing “Dambana ni Lolo Uweng Renovation Project.” Led by our Shrine Rector and Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Edgar M. Titoy, together with a dedicated Renovation Committee, this transformative endeavor aims to enhance the splendor and sacredness of our beloved shrine.

Today, on the  the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, we proudly feature the magnificent twelve stained glass windows that now grace our sacred space. While the actual installation of these breathtaking creations by Vitreartus Liturgical Arts took place last month, it is on this auspicious day that we celebrate and contemplate the visual narrative they bring to our shrine.

Vitreartus Liturgical Arts, a Liturgical Architectural Designer, has been instrumental in bringing the sense of the sacred to the art and architecture of churches throughout the Philippines. Their unparalleled expertise in designing and crafting stained glass windows has added a new dimension of beauty and spirituality to our shrine. Notably, they were also entrusted with creating liturgical settings, including altar tables and chairs, during the historic Papal Visit of Pope Francis in 2015.

Each of the twelve stained glass windows depicts one of the revered apostles, capturing their unique essence and teachings. As we gaze upon the serene countenance of St. Peter, the unwavering faith of St. Thomas, and the fiery zeal of St. Paul, we are inspired to deepen our connection with the divine and reflect on the apostles’ profound influence on Christianity.

On this special day of St. Thomas, Shrine, together with Fr. Titoy, extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire parish community. We express our appreciation for the unwavering support and generosity of our donors, devotees, parishioners, diligent church workers, and compassionate benefactors who have contributed in various capacities to our ongoing renovation efforts. Your kindness, whether in significant contributions or humble offerings, has played a vital role in making this transformative project a reality.

As the Dambana ni Lolo Uweng Renovation Project continues, with various areas of the shrine still in need of restoration and enhancement, we humbly appeal to all for your continued kindness and support. Your contributions, no matter the scale, are invaluable in preserving our sacred space and ensuring that it remains a spiritual haven for all who seek solace and strengthen their faith within these walls.

Today as we celebrate the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, we invite all to witness the divine beauty that now graces our shrine. The breathtaking stained glass windows serve as a testament to the power of faith, the unity of our devoted community, and the harmonious fusion of art and spirituality. May these divine windows continue to uplift and inspire all who enter the sacred halls of Lolo Uweng Shrine.

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