Hesus Nazareno to Visit Lolo Uweng Shrine Once Again

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In an eagerly awaited announcement, the Lolo Uweng Shrine  that the revered Black Nazarene will return to the Shrine for an official 5-day visit scheduled from August 31 to September 4, 2023. This comes a year after its historical visit on the same date that left an indelible mark on the faithful, prompting the shrine to replicate the spiritually enriching experience with minor adjustments.

The highly anticipated announcement was made by Rev. Fr. Edgar M. Titoy, the Rector and Parish Priest of Lolo Uweng Shrine, along with the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) during the monthly meeting of the said council. Fr. Titoy expressed his gratitude for the unwavering devotion of the community and their continued support in making such monumental events possible.

Following the astounding success of the 2022 visit, Lolo Uweng Shrine has decided to retain much of the previous year’s program, keeping the essence of the experience intact. Several procession routes will be maintained, albeit with slight adjustments to ensure a smoother flow and accommodate the expected surge in attendees.

The Black Nazarene of the Quiapo Church — recently elevated as a national shrine — resembles a powerful emblem of unwavering faith and deep devotion, which stirred the hearts of the faithful during its inaugural visit to the Lolo Uweng Shrine in the previous year. This significant event witnessed a convergence of thousands of pilgrims, resulting in an indelible and truly unforgettable visit.

With the official dates now revealed, anticipation is building, and the faithful eagerly awaits the chance to once again experience and welcome the Black Nazarene into their lives and hearts. The visit of Nazareno to the Lolo Uweng Shrine inspired the creation of “Alagad ni Lolo Uweng,” after Quiapo’s “Alagad ng Nazareno,” that aims to embody the same spirit of devotion and reverence displayed by the devotees of Nazareno in Quiapo.

The devotees of Lolo Uweng (depicting Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre) and the Black Nazarene (representing Jesus carrying the cross to Calvary) share a strikingly similar form of worship, venerating the same image of Christ. The profound resonance between these two devotions highlights a shared reverence for the divine journey and sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

As preparations for the Black Nazarene’s visit gain momentum, the parish is set to collaborate with local authorities and organizations to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants. This year’s event promises not only a time of profound spiritual reflection and connection, but also an occasion for unity among those who will partake in the activities.

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